Humppila Eco Airport and Logistics Centre

The Humppila Airport and the logistics centre proposal is based on research which supports further development of the concept.

The potential quantity of cargo traffic to new providers will increase in the future as the capacity of the European airports reach their limits. The concept of a profitable international airport to handle cargo freight is supported by the financial analyses. Therefore, planning for the airport is continuing, taking into particular consideration environmental, safety and economic perspectives. A transport hub adjacent to two major trunk roads, a railway and also in the future, an airport, will create the basis for an environmentally friendly and efficient logistics entirety.

To understand the limited airspace in Europe, please find linked, which shows the airplanes and the flight routes live. Compared to busy central Europe, Finland is ideal, safe, easy going but top pro for long haul aircrafts to stop and fuel up, unload, load and continue their flights.

Picture: print screen from on 13th October, 2014 at 07:27 UTC


HEA will have the longest runway in Northern Europe, HEA will accommodate wide bodied aircrafts such as the Boeing 767 Cargo, Airbus 380 Cargo and the Antonov 124 and Antonov 125 on 24 hours a day around the year. It is very suitable for "green landings" especially for heavy weight cargo aircrafts to save huge amount of fuel, both in departures and landings.

The facility is offered as an cost saving "fuelling pit stop" for long range flights between The Americas and China (more than 20-50 such landings per day with the current traffic) to decrease fuel weight and costs significantly - more than landing costs would cost altogether.

The economical pit stop will consist also other possibilities through its transcontinental characteristics: a fuel weight and therefor cost savings landing can be extended to be a part of the Northern European Air Cargo network. A current Finnish intermodal cargo network of all traffic forms in short distances (rail - road - ship) between Finland and all North European countries opens the option to create an Entry - Exit base for all North European Air Cargo as an extension to trans continental air cargo operators.


HEA bases on one primary operative and real estate company serving facilities for:

  • air operator
  • logistic companies with intermodal substance
  • air cargo companies
  • charter flight companies
  • international companies for final testing and partial fabrication under customs free regulations
  • Alternative calculations in destinations:
    Peking - Frankfurt - New York = 8687 miles vs Peking - Humppila - New York = 7995 miles
    benefits in miles 690 (-7,9 %)
    benefit in fuelling 795 miles (-16,4 %)

    Shanghai - Frankfurt - New York 9333 miles vs Shanghai - Humppila - New York = 8651 miles
    benefits in miles 682 (-7,3 %)
    benefit in fuelling 868 (-15,8%)


Finland is a Nordic country with 5 million inhabitants. Finland is located in the north of Europe as a vital part of Scandinavian countries and Baltia. The major flights for transcontinental cargo between China and USA pass the airspace of Finland 20 - 50 times a day as being the shortest distance between China and USA East Coast.

Finland has short sea connection to every country in Northern Europe and five excellent transportation harbours.

The main passenger airport is Helsinki airport, the major airport for Asian passengers to USA and Europe.